ReDUX Episode 1 – “Turning Point”

A chance encounter with a tough-talking stranger lands young Jacob in colonial New York – right in the middle of the American Revolution! Unable to return the boy to his own time, Rory reluctantly lets him tag along as she attempts to set history back on track. At the second Battle of Saratoga, it seems everything is happening as it should. But then Jacob realizes an important figure of the war isn’t where he should be. Will he be able to correct the situation after Rory is taken captive by the British?


“Turning Point” Cast:
Jacob Shattuck               Kimberly Nutter
Rory Lenhardt               Taylor Carlson
Antagonist                       Jim Brannen
Benedict Arnold            InsomniaJacket*
Horatio Gates                 Caleb Robinson-Cook
Benjamin Lincoln         Lance Schonberg
Garner Hopkins             Eliott Geffner

Other voice talents include:
Grant Siluangkhot
Justin Ralph
Karen Kahler
Amanda Gilbertson

* = Forum name/Pseudonym


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