ReDUX Episode 2 – “Ten Tigers”

Landing in 1860s China, Rory – having spent time there once before – doesn’t need the TeleTraveler to realize something is wrong. But it’s difficult to figure out what that something is when the two time hoppers become separated and Jacob is taken by a woman with murderous tendencies. And even if Rory can get him back, they still have to find a way to prevent the downfall of the Ten Tigers of Canton. Otherwise, a legendary martial artist will be left fighting a losing battle…


“Ten Tigers” Cast:
Jacob Shattuck                DomVoice*
Rory Lenhardt                Taylor Carlson
Antagonist                        Jim Brannen
Wong Fei-Hung              Ven Haydn*
Wong Kei-Ying                Edward Haynes Jr
Jing-Fei                               Rachel Phillippe
Chon                                     Joshua Paquette
Miss Ma                              Amanda Gilbertson
Hon-Hei                             Metazoa*

Other voice talents include:
Michelle Deco
Kasey Heimann
Brian Croft
Stuart O’Dwyer

* = Forum name/Pseudonym


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