ReDUX Episode 3 – “Faust and the Phantom”

Gaston Leroux always contested the Phantom of the Paris Opera House was no mere work of fiction. Perhaps he was right? Somebody’s been terrorizing the cast and crew of Faust in 1890. And unless Jacob and Rory can stop it, a futuristic bomb will drop the curtains on the famous landmark for good – and prematurely end the life of a well-known opera performer. Not to mention the famous book will never be written. But this job takes a malevolent turn when Jake becomes the target of the “phantom’s” antics. Old wounds are reopened in a confrontation that ultimately leaves the younger of the time hoppers reeling.

[[Inspired by The Voyage of the Paris Opéra, a Voyagers! fanfiction written by Mrs. Phineas Bogg of Used with permission.]]


“Faust and the Phantom” Cast:
Jacob Shattuck                        Caitlin Shaw
Rory Lenhardt                        Taylor Carlson
“Hatchett”                                  Jim Brannen
Gaston Leroux                        Thomas Ferguson
Albert Vaguet                           Iggy Kidd*
Claude-Paul Taffanel           Jonathan Dolnier
Marcel                                         Berkley Pickell
Ms Bourett                                LunarArtemis*
Odette                                          Emily Eldridge

Other voice talents include:
Amanda Gilbertson

* = Pseudonym as requested by VA


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