Supernatural 1.02 – “Wendigo”

Deep in the Colorado woods, deep in horror. Sam and Deana’s search for their father – and for the evil power that killed Jacob – leads to the blood-soaked path of a Wendigo, a cannibal spirit of Native American lore.


“Wendigo” Cast:
Samantha Winchester                 Kasey Heimann
Deana Winchester                         Amanda Gilbertson

Haley Collins                                   Katherine Wallace
Ben Collins                                       Craig Thomas
Tommy Collins/Wendigo          Dylan Ford
Roy                                                        Austin Nebbia
Ranger Wilkinson                         Art Wassenaar
Mr. Shaw                                            Adrian Graham
Gary                                                      Jesse Pugh
Brad                                                      Paul Martin

Other voice talents include:
Faylee Darkclaw*
Kendra Murray

* = Forum Name/Pseudonym


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