Supernatural 1.03 – “Dead in the Water”

Is a series of drownings in a Wisconsin lake the work of a vengeful spirit? A young eyewitness, traumatized into silence by the shock he experienced, may have the power to prophesy the next drowning.


“Dead in the Water” Cast:
Samantha Winchester          Kasey Heimann
Deana Winchester                  Amanda Gilbertson

Andrea Barr                               Kendra Murray
Lucas Barr                                  Kendra Murray
Sheriff Devins                          Devin Humphreys
Sophie Carlton                         Shannah Sutherland
Will Carlton                              Simon Pellegrino
Bill Carlton                               Manfred Dannemann
Mrs. Sweeney                          Kim Franklin
Peter Sweeney                         Kendra Murray

Other voice talents include:
Dylan Ford


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