Supernatural 1.04 – “Phantom Traveler”

A plane reservation is a ticket to terror when a phantom traveler forces a jet into a crash landing. Knowing the phantom is on another flight, Sam and Deana board to attempt an in-air exorcism.


“Phantom Traveler” Cast:
Samantha Winchester          Kasey Heimann
Deana Winchester                  Amanda Gilbertson

John Winchester                      Brent Bailey
Jerry Panowski                          Austin Nebbia
Amanda Walker                       Hannah Hueston
Chuck Lambert                         Andrew Capuano
George Phelps                           Ben Jeatran
Molly Phelps                              Kim Franklin
Max Jaffe                                      VeliyaPrime*
Bob Jacoby                                   Steve Vito

Other voice talents include:
Craig Thomas
Simon Pellegrino
Kendra Murray
Leon Williams
Phillip Costa
Taylor Carlson

* = Forum username/Pseudonym


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