Supernatural 1.11 – “Scarecrow”

If it only had a brain. Well, maybe it does! A malevolent scarecrow could be why strangers to Burkitsville, Indiana, don’t get out of town alive.


“Scarecrow” Cast:
Samantha Winchester           Kasey Heimann
Deana Winchester                   Amanda Gilbertson

John Winchester                       Brent Bailey
Morgan Masters                        Anna Hostert
Eli Bergland                                 Max Glodde
Harley Jorgenson                      Mark Allyn
Stacey Jorgenson                       Kendra Murray
Scotty Ericson                             Brian Davies
Vince Parker                                Maxwell MacKenzie
Holly Parker                                 Beccy Henderson

Other voice talents include:
Domenico Caccamo
Mike Anthony
Judy Rae Long
Johnathan Johnson
Star Martin
Darrel Wetzel

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