Supernatural 1.17 – “Hell House”

Get the hell out of Hell House! Sam and Deana defy a homicidal spirit, but their efforts are encumbered by a pair of goofball paranormal investigators who hope ghost busting gets them girls.


“Hell House” Cast:
Samantha Winchester           Kasey Heimann
Deana Winchester                   Amanda Gilbertson

Craig Thurston                          Stee Lawlor
Ed Zeddmore                             Austin Nebbia
Harry Spengler                         Zachary Prusak
Mordecai Murdock                 Craig Mellor

Other voice talents include:
Tiffany Kuzma
Eric Coughlin
Sean Clarkson
William Owens
Kendra Murray
Erica Hansen
CJ Cotter
Mike Anthony
Nicole Tubbs

* = Forum username/Pseudonym


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