Supernatural 2.12 – “Nightshifter”

Sam, Deana, a shape shifter, and hostages are locked in a bank, surrounded by a SWAT team. It all begins when the sisters, on the trail of a shifter, run into a paranoiac who’s seen T2 once too often.


“Nightshifter” Cast:
Samantha Winchester           Kasey Heimann
Deana Winchester                   Amanda Gilbertson

Ronald Reznick                         Josh Lang
Victor Henricksen                    Darren Hawkins
Lt. Robards                                   Sam Taylor
Henry                                              Steven Morgan
Sampson                                        Wade Matthews
Sheri                                                 Kendra Murray

Other voice talents include:
Bryan Burton
Irene Derbeneva
Stee Lawlor
Cornell Bunting


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